Welcome to JobSnap – Message from CEO

Welcome to JobSnap. I’m Jeff, Co-founder & CEO.  I created JobSnap for kids just like me. You want to work but have no connections and no job experience. Who gives you a chance? We all started with a blank resume. Do you remember your first paying job? Maybe you got lucky or you had a connection, but I never want to forget about our first-time job seekers who have no connections. We are open to all using our platform but at JobSnap our focus is on inner city kids providing them with tools they are most comfortable using and educating them on how to present themselves using video in 30 seconds or less. We are the first job seeking platform to focus on Generation Z, mobile mavericks. This version is our MVP with a focus on Los Angeles to start. It’s the version to prove that there is a need and we are here to solve it. My vision for JobSnap is greater than what you see today, but I hope if you’re an employer you’ll join us on this journey and align yourself with a social impact company pushing to make it easy for you and the kids applying. We focus on restaurant and retail jobs.  I realized you can’t write personality into an algorithm so bright talented kids are deleted by job application algorithms. The employers can’t find them and the kids don’t get hired. At JobSnap we focus on making the candidate an actual person to the employer. Employers see exactly what these kids are passionate about, what they want to do in life. The more the employers see who the kids really are, the faster the kids get jobs. Join us on this journey. Request a link on our JobSnap homepage to get started today.

Thank you and again, welcome to JobSnap!

ps: If you can, I would love for you to share our platform with others. We are grassroots. We need your help to be the success I know we will be.

Jeff Boodie

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