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Tip 1.


How to dress:


Tip #1 is crucial to setting the tone of the environment you are able to spend time in. We work most of our lives, and a majority of that time is spent in the office. Knowing office culture and what’s acceptable dress code is crucial to making a great impression on your future employer. And an impression is exactly what you’re going to leave no matter what happens. Set the tone with the right one. How do you know what to wear? Start with the companies website, see the company culture and what others are wearing on any of their pages. Is it causal or is it suite a tie? Take note of the messaging on the company page to know before hand. Also, when engaging with the hiring manager it’s ok to ask what’s the office dress code. Many companies understand you want to know these things and won’t dismiss you for asking. If you still have NO clue, also go business casual. For men that’s dark pants, shoes, button shirt and a tie. For women, that’s a basic color dress, darker colors go best for first time interviews and shoes. I’d prefer closed toe shoes for girls and guys.


Tip 2

Ask Questions:


So you’re in the interview and you want to get to the good stuff, like how much am I getting paid? To be honest, before going in do your homework and know the range or salary amount being offered for the position you’re applying too. You have very little experience, at the level of entry they normally offer up the wages and at this level you have very little negotiating power to move it. Know the range and pay before going in so you’re not shocked and not wasting your time or the hiring managers. Other questions that are should  ask the hiring manager:


# What’s the company culture like?

# What’s the best part about working here?

# What made you want to work here?

# What are the biggest challenges in this position?

# Do I receive any vacation or sick days?



Tip 3

Know your boundaries:


This message is short and simple. Know what you aren’t willing to do. Don’t fake it. Be willing to go all in or not. Know before hand EXACTLY what the job entails and make sure you have a copy of your job description so you know exactly what you’re getting paid for.



Tip 4

Thank you note:


The thank you note is crucial no matter what level of a job you are applying for. Want a job right away and don’t want to wait 3 months? Have the thank you note or card with you and after the interview, write 2 things you really liked about the hiring manager and the position you’re applying for. Drop the note and or card in the mailbox of the company you are interviewing at. If you drop it off while you are still there, you can have it dropped off inter-office and you save yourself a postage stamp J . This tip works countless times to making a lasting impression and going the extra mile no matter what the job is. Attention to detail is EVERYTHING.


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