Top 3 things to NEVER say to your hiring manager

Top 3 things to NEVER say to your hiring manager.




‘My breakup has got me all messed up. My heart’s just not in it today.’ 


Everyone has personal problems every now and then, which is when your professionalism will be put to the test. Don’t talk BREAKUP!

Not to diminish your emotional wounds, but why should your boss’s needs be put on hold because you need time to process your breakup? Keep the breakup to yourself and not the boss.

This is when you might consider taking a ‘sick day’ or calling your mom for some love and tenderness.

Who doesn’t love a moms love and tenderness? 🙂



‘It’s really not my fault; it’s John’s fault’

The blame game is a treacherous path. If you’re innocent, then explain why. Don’t implicate others if you bear the primary responsibility, we say.

Taking responsibility is key. If you’re always seen as someone pointing the finger, eventually your boss is going to question who is really to blame.



‘I’ve gotta tell you about last night’s hookup!’

Sometimes a boss-employee relationship blossoms into a friendship. But sharing intimate stories at work may not be a wise move.

What if a coworker overhears the sizzling conversation? That may open you or your boss up to a sexual harassment or inappropriate conversation write-up. Don’t do it!



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