Social Media – What’s good?

There are many platforms for Generation Z to socialize on, while they all have their own characteristics, they serve the same basic function. From 40 interviewed, 27 named Snapchat as their favorite, 8 selected Instagram, 4 prefer Twitter, and one lone person choosed Facebook. When asked about the positives of Snapchat, many enjoyed the one-on- one functionality to pick and choose specific people to share Snaps with. On the other hand, a handful mentioned the annoying addition of more, and more features. News stories, Bitmoji integration, memories, Snapcash, and trophies, are among the ongoing list of additional features Snapchat tries to fit into the app. A feature many mentioned to add, is the ability to easily discover the official Snapchats of celebrities. When asked about Instagram, many mentioned the fact that they enjoyed receiving likes and public comments on their pictures. A few mentioned how they believe Instagram stories are annoying, and hope that instagram will not continue to try being Snapchat. Twitter people enjoy the hilarious jokes, celebrity interaction, and being the first to hear about Trump’s infamous tweets. One mentioned how they enjoyed how celebrities on Twitter are the ones who actually tweet and not “some boring old guy who pretends to be Rihanna”. The poor kid who was the only one to choose Facebook as his favorite did not leave any remarks.

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