• Gen Z makes up 26% of the U.S. population and by the year 2020, will represent 40% of consumers.
  • Gen Z receives an average weekly allowance of $16.90, which translates to $44 billion a year. – Mintel
  • 46% of Gen Z are worried about accruing student loan debt. – TD Ameritrade
  • Gen Z uses five screens on average: smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop and tablet. – Sparks & Honey
  • Gen Z has an eight-second attention span, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention. They can filter through and absorb mass amounts of information very quickly. Marketers must use that eight seconds wisely to pique Z’s interest!
  • Gen Z’s are always working on themselves. 89% spend their free time building new skills. – Sparks & Honey
  • They are more risk-averse, but not afraid to fail. 71% expect to experience failure before achieving their goals. – Sparks & Honey
  • 58% of Gen Z’s are either somewhat or very worried about the future. – JWT
  • 77% believe they will need to work harder compared to those in past generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional life. – Robert Half
  • 26% are currently volunteering. – Intern Sushi/CAA
  • 76% are concerned about man’s impact on the planet. – JWT
  • 79% display symptoms of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices. – University of Maryland
  • 64% consider earning an advanced degree as one of their life goals. – Intern Sushi/CAA
  • 80% think they are more driven than their peers. – Intern Sushi/CAA
  • 85% research online and 33% watch lessons online to educate themselves. – JWT
  • 52% use YouTube or other social media sites for a typical school research assignment. – Pew Research
  • 72% wants to start their own business someday. – Millennial Branding/Internships.com
  • 38% say they will invest in something that changes the world. – Gallup
  • 57% would rather save money than spend it. – The Intelligence Group

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